The following Documents are examples of the scope of work that MuleShoe Engineering has performed.

You can't really synthesize 4 decades of experience into one book, but the company owner made an attempt in the 2017 book Practical Onshore Gas Field Engineering, published by Elsevier.

Coalbed Methane and Shale Gas Examples:

  • Producing Coalbed Methane at high rates and low pressures (SPE84509, .pdf download 340 kB)

Deliquification Samples

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Gathering System Samples

  • Static Test Considerations (.pdf download, 150 kB)
  • Safety considerations for purging air from gas lines (.pdf download, 52 kB)
  • Compressor station piggable bypass (.pdf download, 40 kB)
  • Rules of thumb for Gathering System Equipment (.pdf download, 52 kB)
  • Facilities Selection Impacts Reservoir Performance (SPE-169837-MS, .pdf download, 77 kB)
  • One Engineer's Perspective on Global Warming (Originally published on, removed by them for lack of Political Correctness, )

Published Papers

Gas Measurement Examples

  •  Primary Elements, What can be wrong, what can go wrong, and How to Prevent it (.pdf download, 45 kB)
  • In Situ Testing of installed Measurement Equipment (.pdf download, 262 kB)

Environmental Examples